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"Thinking WIN - WIN is the shortest way to success"


"Innovation starts from thinking how to make it simple"


"The more time you invest in brainstorming, the more you save in execution"


"Ideas are just the first step to success, so you have to work on it"

Ready Apps LLC

Ready Apps is a software house established based on a long professional experience varying between Software Development, Management, Business Development and Marketing plus a set of brilliant ideas that can make your life much easier and more fancy.

We introduce services and solutions that set us apart as we are keen to provide designs and upscale business combining between simplicity and attraction along with precision and professionalism to work in a manner consistent with the approved international standards. The company has two main lines of business, Product and Outsourcing which are detailed in "Services".

Ready Apps has a Vision to make the best use of people's minds and experiences to introduce a new model for software houses in Egypt and Middle East, not only in terms of products and services but in terms of environment and inspiration as well. We know that it is a heavy mission to carry out, but surely we have the required passion and energy for it, approaching excellency with the help of all our Ready Apps staff, as we believe that the only way to keep going is to build together.

Ready Apps believes that software development is not only an industry, it is an "art" that requires a very special environment to provoke inspiration, productivity, quality and development of sustainable products and solutions meeting all clients' requirements. Our focus is not limited to facilities and equipment, it goes beyond to how to deal with people trusting that people are the real assets we should invest in. it is our responsibility to find the right people and let them feel it.


Web Application

Ready Apps dedicates its skills, knowledge and experience to provide clients with the right technologies to facilitate and improve the service-delivery process. We aim to leverage the power of Web Application technology in order to address the new challenges and empower our clients' business. Our provided robust web applications are developed using variant wide stack starting from Webforms, MVC up to Single Page Application Frameworks and stuff.

Mobile Application

Ready Apps is paying much attention to mobile development for both native and cross platform apps depending on Xamarin believing that it is the most awesome technology for building both native and cross platform applications. Ready Apps has all the required skills and resources to invade this market and has already started a number of projects with this stack.


Ready apps provides technical consultancy in the areas of High Level Design including Software Architecture, Building Frameworks, Reusable Components and ERP Implementations and Designs, taking advantage of its long deep experience in the field.


To deliver robust and high quality solutions, Ready Apps abides to the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. We commit ourselves to making the analysis, specification, design, development, testing and maintenance of software a beneficial and respected profession.

{ 1 } Requirements Analysis

It is most important to understand the scope of business and validate the requirements against standard domain knowledge and transform it into a standard analysis document, such as Software Requirement Specification (SRS) and User Stories, not only to deliver the right solution for the customer but also to help the customer enhance business processes.

{ 2 } User Experience (UX)

User Experience and Creating Wireframes are our field of mastering as it helps more understand the business, inspire the clients with more ideas, minimize the rework and has an overall impact on the usability of the system.

{ 3 } Agile and Project Management

Using Agile Methodology is no longer an option, it is an essential requirement to ensure the early feedback of the customer, fitting more with dynamic environment, in addition to increasing the team's productivity and the accurate planning.

{ 4 } Architecture and Design

Ready Apps depends creative unique architecture solutions, Frameworks, Reusable Components along with the strong implementation for OOP concept and more other important concepts in both backend and frontend level to ensure consistency, Code Standards and high scalability for deliveries.

{ 5 } Development

All the previous elements work together to make the development process more convenient and time saving, leading to the increase of productivity and quality, reducing code redundancy and give more space to focus on logic and efficiency.

{ 6 } Quality And Testing

As a professional up-to-date software house, Ready Apps believes that testing with all its different kinds is the last line for quality. By following the standards of the industry, most quality issues can be avoided, moreover quality control and test driven development are the very key areas where the developer has the chance and space to think over the test cases before development to cover most scenarios.

Our Product

Ready Apps has mainly started its business with products pipeline, following a methodology of Analysis, UX , Creating Wireframes, Architecture and High Level Design, and Development.

Our latest product is Nebka, a masterly mobile app meets an essential need for everyone, the whole features of the app will be uncovered in time. The app is now in the Egyptian market and other markets soon.


Behind Ready Apps stands three professional profiles with accumulated experience of 40 years in the different areas of Software Development, IT Services, Business Development, Sales and Marketing.

They have the deep technical proficiency necessary to understand the job requirements and credibly lead others and motivate teams of diverse individuals to perform consistently.

Though, the most important qualification helps this board create a high performing work environment that is beneficial to both the company and the client is their culture of customer-based management.

Working together, they can excel in any field.

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